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Kurt is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He is professional, dedicated, and most important of all he really cares about his clients and is willing to do his best to help them find the ideal opportunity that matches their skill-sets, interests and potential. I always valued Kurt's honest and constructive suggestions a lot and he felt more like a friend and mentor when working with him through the recruiting process. I felt very lucky to get to know Kurt through my previous manager and will always trust him for any career advice!
Dan Huang
Software Professional with expertise in DevOps, QA, Machine Learning, Database and Web Application.
Kurt placed me in my current job 7 months ago, and Its been the best job Ive had in my 30 year career. He spent time to get to know me in order to ensure a great match with the companys culture. I love his direct, honest communication style, as well as his high energy and positive nature. Kurt is an all-around great guy, and very knowledgeable about the recruiting business.
Gil Novak
Sr. Test Automation Engineer.
I had a really great time with Kurt. He is by far the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He is super fun to talk to, and was very helpful throughout: giving me advice on how to improve my resume and LinkedIn profile. He has a very thorough knowledge of high tech recruiting, and very quickly got me placed at Neural Magic, an amazing startup where I am challenged daily, learning constantly, and having a great time with a great team. Thanks Kurt!
James Fleming
Mathematical modeling for character animation, physics, graphics, audio, AI. Code team leadership/management.
Kurt is an outstanding recruiter, and more than pleasant to work with as a person: he is super knowledgeable on the job market for tech and startups, has a lot of valuable contacts among hiring managers and VPs of engineering, and contrasting with many others in his profession, he truly cares about the people hes working to place. He spends his time lavishly on coaching his candidates, and his career advice is spot-on. I feel lucky to have crossed his path and to have trusted him to find my new position. I would advise anyone to start talking to Kurt, even if you are not actively searching: he will get to know you, and when/if you need his services later, he will hit the ground running for you as the fastest recruiter youll ever see.
Richard Dykiel
Software Engineer at Volt.
I was introduced to Kurt by a colleague of mine. Shortly after connecting us via email she said: be prepared - hes got a unique personality and he is not like other recruiters. On our first phone call I could instantly sense his energy, with a keen interest not only on my current role but what role Id like to have 5 years from now. Every opportunity we discussed he knew inside and out: the people, the culture, the product, the stage of the startup. His close connections to those inside was such a relief from recruiters who rely heavily on keyword searches. Not only was Kurt invaluable to my job search he also gave fantastic career advice. He said to me, Im not interested in your next job, Im interested in the job after your next job. He stood by that. Never pressured me into opportunities that werent a good fit and diligently made sure my next move was a long term move that would allow me to grow my career. Very personable, very hard working, and I definitely look forward to working with him again throughout my professional journey.
Mike Mayors
Experienced technical professional with over 7 years designing and implementing UI solutions on multiple platforms.
Having not looked for a job in over 12 years, Kurt was an invaluable resource for me! His coaching was on-point and tireless, giving advice ranging from modernizing my resume to networking to pinpointing companies and positions of interest to interviewing dos and don'ts. He showed a genuine desire to help me find the perfect job; he took the time to listen to what I wanted and suggested companies that were not necessarily clients of his. His knowledge, selflessness and wonderful personality make him my go-to guy next time Im looking for work.
Eric Martin
Consulting Software Developer at Mobile Heartbeat
Kurt goes above and beyond with deep knowledge of the recruiting process, company lifecycles and the Boston area tech screen. He coached me on how to work with my network, talk to prospective firms, and negotiate. He helped me evaluate positions and companies based on what I'm looking for and where I'm at in my career. He's got boundless energy, deep knowledge and great skills. This is a guy you'll want in your corner.
Peter Kahn
Principal Software Engineer focused on Release/Devops at Zscaler
I met Kurt during my junior year of college. Since then, Kurt has become a friend and one of my most trusted advisors. Kurt always provides long-term perspective that I often overlook as a college-aged person. Kurt has advised me through a job search, and when I decided to pursue a startup instead of a job, he advised my startup. No matter what youre interested in doing, I cant recommend Kurt highly enough.
Ben Kroop
Partner, Robotics Engineer at Main Street Autonomy.
I have known and worked with Kurt for nearly a year at this point, and I have to say that hes been a huge encouragement and a cheerleader the whole time. He is one of the few recruiters that I really enjoy working with, and has been an incredible, responsive advisor to us at indico before anyone else would look twice at us. If anyone has the privilege of working with Kurt I would suggest they move forward at full speed. I haven not regretted it for a second.
Slater Victoroff
VP of Research at NeoCybernetica

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